Saturday, November 11, 2006

Where is My God-d*** Ray-gun?

Well, it's 2006 and I am not living in and Orbital Colony and the only space station up is a glorified tin can. What the hell?!

It seems like there's alot of nostalgia in the air these days, what with retro this and retro that, not to mention a dash of dissolutionment with the way the future (now) has turned out. I don't know who first penned the words 'where's my jetpack?' (if you do, let me know), but I think They Might Be Giants sing it pretty well in their song "Trapped in a World Before Later On".

I'm trapped in a world before later on,
I'm trapped in a world before later on,

Where's my hovercraft?
Where's my jet pack?
Where's the font of acquired wisdom that eludes me now?

We're trapped in a world before later on,
We're trapped in a world before later on,

Where's our telray?
Where's our space face?
Where are all the complications we won't see around?

-They Might Be Giants

For those of you who thought you'd be living in an Orbital Colony by now, or in a city beneath the sea, check out these awesome sites.

Tales of Future Past has literally thousands of images from pulp sci-fi magazines, architecture magazines and so on. A great fly through of wacky visions of the future and some funny comments as well. The site architecture can occasionally be confusing. Each sub-section, such as Future House, is broken up into other categories but sometimes the navigation gets wierd, and its easy to miss stuff, so take your time and go back a few times! Kudos to David Zondy.

Another good site is

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