Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wired Magazine had this article about "floating utopias". See my previous article about artificial islands and undersea habitats. The variety talked about in the Wired magazine are mostly of the off-shore bank haven for millionaires masquerading as libertarian-freedom-lovers-commune variety in my opinion, but I'm sure there are plenty of geeks out there that buy the "freedom" aspect of the whole thing. Get with the program folks - it was lack of good governance by "we the people" and our representatives that got us into the big fat jam we're in today, NOT government monopoly of power that Friedman "Jr." is spouting. What a crock of you-know-what.... However, he has done the hard yards helping put together a book about floating oil platform type habitats - . Still, his brand of anti-government frontier-nostalgia strikes me as the kind of vision that plenty of Californians have (i hark from there- I should know) because they forget about all the good stuff they just take for granted. Like civil society and rule of law. Yes, law.

But the article is lots of fun anyways.

For the record, I like the idea of off-shore floating habitats - it's great science fiction and might even be science fact one day, but just look around at the places where these will be safest and you'll realize they are in coastal waters. Floating condominiums, YES. Floating safe havens for people who think they shouldn't pay taxes for the roads, schools, and bridges they used all their life? NO EFFING WAY! But if they are out there on the high seas, maybe we should just thumb our noses at them when they want our Navy to spend OUR money on THEIR rescue....

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