Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Coronal Chamber Orchestra

Scientists at the Sheffield University in the U.K. have translated the music of the spheres... Well, the music of the sun that is. Researchers led by led by Robertus von Fáy-Siebenbürgen analysed the huge ribbon like loops of plasma which curl and whip out from the sun. While studying the oscillations and vibrations of these loops using mathematical tools and software the researchers also converted these oscillations into frequencies the human ear can hear. And voila - the Coronal Chamber Orchestra... Fantastic!

Might I suggest that someone do the same thing for the Aurora Borealis?
Check out this spectacular photo taken by the ISS crew and imagine listening to the music generated, in real time in that posh new observation room of theirs. With a tube of champagne and the partner of your choice preferably! Ah, the possibilities... As soon that is, as NASA gets over being so prudish about sex in space...
Actually, blow waiting, I'm heading to Alaska! 

In the meantime, I can just head down to Melbourne's Fed Square, where Lozano-Hemmer's Sun Equation is on overhead display on it's latest stop on a journey around the globe. Now think of a simulation like that hooked into a music genetator... Ooooh, Aaaahhhh - reach for the sun!

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